Wow ternyata IDM Fake Bisa Kembali dengan SN IDM (internet Donwload Manager) Terbaru

Tak disangka jika sebuah IDM yang sudah kena Fake Serial Number bisa kembali lagi dengan SN IDM Terbaru  apa sih SN itu, SN singkatan dari Serial Number yang sangat berguna sekali untuk software download anda.

Internet Download Manager adalah sebuah software yang sangat berpengaruh bagi user khususnya bagi pecinta film, musik dan beberapa file besar. Dengan sistem dan kelebihannya tersebut software yang notabene sebagai software download sangat berpengaruh sekali bagi  penggunanya.

Saat ini Internet Download manager terbaru dengan updatan crack, keygen ataupun berbentuk Serial Number atau SN sangat dicari bagi orang yang suka dengan file donwload internet torent ataupun mediafire. Salah satu langkah tepat untuk mencegah sebuah Fake serial number adalah dengan menggunakan SN IDM yang dapat anda ambil disini.

Kami akan menginformasikan kepada Anda SN Internet Download Manager atau keygen IDM bagi anda yang sedang membutuhkannya untuk itu anda bisa gunakan satu persatu SN tersebut.

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Info Resmi Pendaftaran Penerimaan Polri 2015

Pendaftaran Polri 2015- akansegera dibuka pada bulan februari untuk sekolah inspektur sumber sarjana atau disebut dengan SIPPS, tepatnya pada tanggal 22 februari sampai dengan 11 maret, setelah sekolah inspektur dari lulusan sarjana muda atau strata satu dari seluruh jurusan, maka dilanjutkan dengan pendaftaran polri untuk lulusan SMA.

Kabar baik bagi adik-adik SMA yang kemarin belom sempat lulus daftar polri, setelah bulan februari tepatnya bulan maret akan segera dilakukan pembukaan penerimaan polri dari sumber SMA sedrajat untuk tamtama brigadir dan akpol.

pendaftaran polri

Pendaftaran dilakukan secara online atau pendaftaran online polri yang dibuka melalui website resminya. Apakah anda belum tahu website resmi polri tersebut? silahkan anda ketik keyword salah satu website yang menyediakana pendaftaran polri resmi.

Anda juga bisa mendaftarkan melalui link pendaftaran online polri yang menyediakan beberapa sumber yang akan tertaut dan menuju link form pendaftaran untuk sipss, akpol, tamtama dan brigadir. Saat ini masih dalam keadaan maintenis tunggu beberapa hari yah gan!

Ingat dan perhatikan bahwasanya pendaftaran ini tidak dipungut biaya sepersepun, apabila ada orang yang mengaku panitia dan mengajak anda untuk bermain curang dengan memasukkan anda dan mengaku sebagai panitia untuk membayar uang maka jangan sampai tergoda. Resmi dari polri, tidak dipungut biaya alias gratis kalau ada yang mengaku sebagai panita dan meminta uang segera lapor ke KPK untuk pendaftaran online polri

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New Gadget 2014: Official Information from

At, it informs official update information about the best technology. We can find what a lot of company released. The confirmation that would be reviewed is about new gadgets. It has sufficient time to be popular page. Some kinds of gadget become the most waited innovation in 2014.
Several brands come with the upgrading their type. The specifications get more improvement to make it can compete in gadgets new market. Increasing processor must be done well. It offers something new of the system, an important element to make people interesting. The design is also delivered in more impressive styling than the recent model.
Based on, these are top 5 new gadgets which make people searching for in 2014:
1.    Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet
X peria Z2 is the most incredible tablet from Sony. The design has waterproof quality in ultra slim with lightweight casing that is 6.4 mm thick and weighing 439g. The operating system delivers Android 4.4.2 Kitkat and Sony’s own UI alterations. It is supported with 3GB of RAM and 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 chip.
2.    Lenovo ThinkPad 8
ThinkPad 8 is the most powerful tablet for hard working. The design sets 8.3″ display (1920 x 1200 resolutions) with 10 finger multitouch. The 8-inch tablet delivers Intel HD graphics and it runs Windows 8.1 Pro. The processor employs 1.46GHz Intel, Z3770 quad-core (Bay Trail). It is completed with 2GB LPDDR3 of RAM.
3.    Surface Pro 3 Review
Surface Pro 3 is the most intelligence innovation from Microsoft. It sets tablet mode and laptop mode. The tablet mode is very impressive to run every single application. The laptop mode is the fabulous computer productivity. It is the best technology.
4.    LG G3
LG G3 is an excellent smartphone with high technology. The design is very slim bezel that sets 5.5 inches screen. The processor offers Snapdragon 801 CPU or the same 2.5GHz quad-core slice of silicon. It comes in two versions of model, a 16GB model with 2GB of RAM and a 32GB model with 3GB of RAM.
5.    iPad Air
iPad Air is a perfect tablet innovation. The stunning design employs an incredible innards and a superb suite of apps. The machine offers 64-bit processing power that completed with Apple’s A7 chip. The performance is very powerful which is supported with the best specification such as iOS 7 of OS, Dual-core 1.3 GHz Cyclone of CPU, and Powered VR G6430 of GPU. 

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Simbadda Speaker Price List

Are you like Music with a rock from speaker? if you want to ear a music we can get hub for loud speaker  such simbadda speaker form Indonesian country. That Speaker give you a good Quality from performance or the specification about a music. Speaker is a loudly voice from a electronic Mp3 or Mp4 can make a good things become that. If you want to sing song we must hub your voice to Speaker and a Price list for active speaker we can get below

Nex Review about a: Harga Speaker Simbadda

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Hp Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Free Acees Wifi Internet Telkomsel and Indosat

 Hp Samsung- To accompany the tablet Galaxy Tab S which will be released this month in the Indonesian market, Samsung also make a special service called S-Air.

Service of the application form will allow users to connect to networks WiFi W-LAN Super Indosat Telkomsel. Users do not have to use the second card of the operator to be able to enjoy Wi-Fi connection via S-Air.

"The process connection is automatic, when the application is open, where the strongest signal is chosen depends," said Product Marketing Manager Content & Services Samsung Indonesia, Dolly Surya, in Jakarta, Thursday (07/03/2014).

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Looking for a Price Please get in

You're looking for cheap prices for electronic goods, do not kwatir guys, we'll give you Joss, one of which is the price of hp, mobi prices, the price of the camera at a reasonable price. Simply by looking at the information you will get a price that fits your pocket money at this time.

One is that you need to find the price in good quality without having to look for a suitable price for you, you can find some interesting price as has been reported by several people.
You can get Information about car price, gadget price and the other price from the big product from another country.

The website ( offer to you about some information, will be number one to respect that price in electronic, You can get the best spec and price if you can get this information brother.

Possible prices on the internet will not be the same as the prices in the store while you search for a suitable price with good specifications and quality, you can find the prices just  Seputar Harga

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