Hp Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Free Acees Wifi Internet Telkomsel and Indosat

 Hp Samsung- To accompany the tablet Galaxy Tab S which will be released this month in the Indonesian market, Samsung also make a special service called S-Air.

Service of the application form will allow users to connect to networks WiFi W-LAN Super dan@wifi.id Indosat Telkomsel. Users do not have to use the second card of the operator to be able to enjoy Wi-Fi connection via S-Air.

"The process connection is automatic, when the application is open, where the strongest signal is chosen depends," said Product Marketing Manager Content & Services Samsung Indonesia, Dolly Surya, in Jakarta, Thursday (07/03/2014).

Dolly expect the S-Air application will soon be available on Google Play Store in the near future, along with the presence of Galaxy S.

"This application is purely initiatives from Samsung Indonesia. In America there is a similar service in collaboration with AT & T and Verizon, but the name is different, "said Dolly.

Suitable for tablets

The Galaxy S owners will have the opportunity to use the S-Air for three months. After that no charges will apply. Dolly says can not specify what payment methods will be applied, but there are several options.

"Can the credit card, or cut pulse, which obviously we want to run the process seamless, does not interfere with the user," said Dolly.

Furthermore, he said that the Galaxy S is targeted to be connected to a 100,000 point access point Wi-Fi network milik@wifi.id and Super WiFi, with the largest concentration in the Greater Jakarta and Denpasar.

Why provide WiFi access for a tablet? Dolly explains bring S-Air facility more suited to the characteristics of the use of the tablet, rather than a smartphone.

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"Tablets are often used in one place for a long time, such as houses, malls, or office, as opposed to smartphones tend to rely on mobile and mobile data," he said.

For the time being, Dolly said that the new service will be available for the Galaxy S. But do not rule out the possibility that the owners of other Samsung gadgets will be able to enjoy the S-Air.

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